Monday, August 15, 2016


Scripture:     Psalm 19:14 

Devotion:    There is power in your words.  One of the wisest men the world has ever known, King Solomon, said, “Death and Life are in the power of the tongue and those that love it shall eat of its fruit.”  He understood the tongue’s power, how it can be used for a force of evil or a force for good, and that we get what we speak.  When God created the earth, He spoke it into existence.  Wow, He spoke it into existence! The very words of God created the earth with all its mountains, oceans, canyons, animals, fish… You get the picture.  Recently a study by scientists says that our universe is expanding and has been since day one.  Why?  Because, the power of God’s creative words.  They are still creating today.  That should give you a little understanding about how powerful your words are.  It is imperative that you speak words of life and not words of death.  You can’t control what other people say to you or to others, but you can choose what you say.  Your words can bring hope and healing or sorrow and sadness.  They can bring love and peace or disgust and disorder.  The choice is yours.  Your words are dictated to you by what others say or the circumstances you find yourself in.  They should be led by and motivated by the love of God that now resides in you.  Words, they are your choice.  You want life?  Speak life.  You want hope? Speak hope.  You want love? Speak love.  Remember that, once words have been spoken, you can never take them back, so choose to speak words that lead to life. 

Dear heavenly Father, may the words of my mouth and the things I think on be pleasing to You.  Help me put a watch over my tongue.  May the words I speak bring life to the hearer and may they bring glory to You.

Challenge: Pick one day during the week and choose to only speak when you are spoken to.  Don’t put your two cents worth in when people around you are talking unless they direct their conversation to you.  Simply put, plan to do a one-day word fast.  When you do you will see just how much we say that doesn’t need to be said.

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