Sunday, August 28, 2016



When is the last time you thought about the amazing things God has done in your life?  Enoch in the Bible (Genesis) on a daily basis walked and talked with God.  Adam and Eve would walk and talk with God every day in “the cool of the evening.”  They had memories of times with God that were awesome.  What are your awesome memories with God?

Remember the works of God.  Begin to contemplate the awesome deeds of God.  Not just the things that He has done for you or your family, but the awesome deeds He has done throughout modern history and ancient times.

Remember who God is.  Don’t just look at His works but look at who He is.  God is amazingly compassionate beyond human understanding or comprehension.  He is patient and slow to anger.  His anger lasts for a moment, but His favor lasts for a lifetime.  He is merciful.

Take time to spend with God. 

Daily Prayer:
“Dear heavenly Father, I love You because You have loved me.  You are an amazing God and I want to spend time with You.  Help me rearrange my schedule so that I can spend more time with You.”

Daily Challenge:  Take a walk every day for a week in the evening by yourself and God.  Pour your heart out to Him, no matter what it is.  He already knows anyway. 

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