Saturday, August 13, 2016


Scripture:     Psalms 37:1-6


Trust, such a small word with huge implications.  If you are alive and breathing you have dealt with trust issues. You have either lost other’s trust or they have lost it in you; or you have lived a life that is trustworthy and honorable, allowing people to place their trust in you.  However, what about the trust we have in God?  Trusting in someone or something you can’t see is not easy. It takes faith, yet we do it everyday.  We put trust in the car we drive that the wheels will stay on or the motor will actually turn over and get us to where we need to go.  We drive over a huge bridge envisioned, designed, and built by people we don’t know or have never met.  Yet, we drive over it with confidence and trust that it will keep us safe and not crumble beneath us.  I could go on and on with examples.  But, when it comes to God, most of us find it hard to trust Him.  Why?  Has He ever failed you before? Has He ever broken a promise He made? Has He ever done anything to hurt you?  The answer to all of these and more questions is a resounding and emphatic, “No!”  You may have unjustly blamed Him but the answer is still no!  God, your Creator, loves you more than you could imagine or comprehend.  Why would He want harm or evil to come to you?  He doesn’t.  Of anyone, He has your best interest at heart, so simply trust Him. He really does care for you. 

Daily Prayer:

Dear Father, trust isn’t easy for me.  So I bear my heart to You and trust You with it.  By the power of Your Holy Spirit, I ask that You would empower me with what I need to trust You with my whole life, in every area.  I will not keep any part of my heart hidden.  I open up completely to You and trust You with all of my life.

Daily Challenge:

Ask your family or coworkers that you are close to if they think you are a trustworthy person.  Then ask them why they gave you the answer they gave you.  It may be tough but it also may help you understand a little more about what trust is and may change your perspective.

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