Tuesday, August 30, 2016



Scripture: 1 Corinthians 9:24-27

Everybody knows that we need to exercise but most of us don’t want to do it.  We want the perfect body and perfect health but we aren’t willing to do what it takes to get it.  We have list of excuses, which aren’t really excuses but they are our justification as to why we don’t have the perfect body or good health. 
Many of us do the same thing in our spiritual life.  Actually we are less disciplined in our spiritual life than the other areas of our life.
If we were to apply the same discipline to the other areas of our life that we do in our spiritual life, we would be kick out of our homes, never have electricity, continually having car problems because we don’t maintain it and the list goes on.

Discipline is part of what it means to be a follower of Jesus.  To be a disciple means you are being taught and instructed in how to be like Jesus.  Discipline is a must if you are ever going to go the distance.
You need to be a long distance runner not a spiritual sprinter.  You need to finish the race and finish strong.

What Discipline is not:

·      Discipline is not the end.
·      Discipline is the not the main thing, it simply keeps us on track to the main thing.
·      Discipline is not the focus if so then we have fallen into a religious mindset and it’s more about the doing than it is about the being.
·      Discipline is not an excuse for a rigid and boring life.  It should always be flexible and open to spontaneity and moving of the Holy Spirit.
·      Discipline is not a substitute for an intimate relationship with Jesus.
·      Discipline is not being a moralist.  Moralist are people who think they are good enough or at least they are busy trying to be good enough.
·      Discipline is not some moral code to be lived out in your own power and strength.

What Discipline is:

·      Discipline is the agent that allows us to live free in the power and presence of God.
·      Discipline is a means to a desire end.
·      Discipline is result of vision.
·      Discipline is the power to achieve the vision or dream.
·      Discipline is the pre-requisite to winning.  (No Olympian ever won a gold medal by accident)
·      Discipline is being a disciple.

Daily Prayer:
“Father, life gets a little crazy at times and I admit I’ve not be as disciplined as I should in my spiritual life.  Allow your Holy Spirit to give me the power and strength I need to do in order to grow spiritually.”

Daily Challenge:
Get up early every morning for a week and spend 30 minutes in the Word of God reading and praying for others and not yourself.

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